Deep Dream Styled Images of Tales of Midgard


Today we’re here with a post that is a bit different. Usually we show you our work, which is mostly comics and short stories, but now we have prepared some modified content based on our previous work. Have you heard of deep dream? If you’ve ever seen deep dream art, you know that these images are odd, often messy or even eerie. Deep dream images are often described as hallucinogenic.

What is Deep Dream?

DeepDream is a program, using neural networking, that finds and enhances patterns in images creating dream-like scenes. Deep dream images are deliberately over-processed in order to highlight the enhanced patterns. Deep dream images can be made online using generators, such as, which offers a special version of deep dream, called deep style, which helps in making less random and more stylized pictures.

Tales of Midgard Deep Dream Images

We took a few of our coverpages, wallpapers and favorite pages and made deep dream styled images from them. The deep dream styled images are somewhat smaller resolution than the original, that’s how deep dream generator works. You can see a regular deep dream image just below, while the deep style images are a bit further down.

Chapter 1 Deep Dream Cover

A deep dream generated version of the coverpage using the classical deep dream.

Chapter 1 Original Cover

The coverpage of the first chapter of book1 of Tales of Midgard: The Age of Magic.

Deep Dream Cover ~100 Iterations

Here we were still using the classical deep dream, however, what you see here is more than 100 iterations of deep dreaming.

Chapter 1 Original Cover

Tales of Midgard: The Age of Magic Book 1 coverpage.

Deep Dream Anne Illustration

This illustration of Anne was deep styled using a water surface image as a filter.

Original Anne Illustration

This image used to be on the Short Stories page, but as more stories were added we removed it. Now it’s available on the TWC profile of Tales of Midgard.

Deep Dream Book 1 Coverpage

The same water surface image was used as a filter for this deep style image as on the short story illustration.

Original Book 1 Coverpage

The original book cover of the first book of Tales of Midgard: The Age of Magic.

Deep Dream Anne Illustration

This deep style was also made based on the illustration of Anne for the short stories, but this time a fire image was used as a filter.

Original Anne Illustration

The same illustration used on the Short Stories page and one the TWC profile of Tales of Midgard.

Deep Dream Erik Wallpaper

The original Erik wallpaper was modified with Deep Style. We used metal plates and cogwheels on this image as a filter.

Original Erik Wallpaper

This wallpaper of Erik Skera is available on our TWC profile.

Deep Dream Chapter 10 Coverpage

Fort this deep style we used tree leaves as the filter. It kinda ended up odd, but it’s cool.

Original Chapter 10 Coverpage

This is the coverpage of the 10th chapter of Tales of Midgard: The Age of Magic.

Deep Dream Book 2 Coverpage

Here we picked an image of a few nice clouds and used that as a filter for the book 2 coverpage.

Original Book 2 Coverpage

The original book cover of the second book of Tales of Midgard: The Age of Magic.

Hope you liked this little side track into deep dream images. Be sure to check out Chapter 11, it’s progressing quite well so far. Have fun reading!

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