Hello Everybody!

The title says it all, Tales of Midgard was on hiatus the past 3 or so months, but we’re back and we’re putting out pages regularly. We just uploaded the latest page, page 19 from chapter 12, this Friday.

The break Tales of Midgard took was mostly because Liz didn’t have enough time for creating comic pages. She now works full-time as a freelance graphic designer (and also creates websites and illustrates). If you’re interested in her professional work, you could check her site out at vonrabbitdesign.com.

Of course, this change will also affect how and when Tales of Midgard gets updates. From now on updates will come every week on Fridays, one page a week. New pages will still be up here on talesofmidgard.com and on Tapas as well. This means the next page comes on the December 15th and that with this update schedule chapter 12 will still be finished this month.

Hope you’re happy to hear that we’re back! Have fun reading!