Expanded work in progress reports


Let’s dive into our work in progress reports a bit! As you have most probably noticed if you follow our work, we usually do work in progress reports before the chapters’ actual arrival. Usually, when we do a WIP post we put 4-5 images of different pages to represent a whole chapter.

Now first and foremost we’d like to emphasize one thing: This format is not going away. We do, however, plan on a little spin on this format. Instead of having only one compact post for a chapter we’ll add a few smaller entries, that only showcase a single page while keeping a post for the full chapter. For these smaller entries we’re only planning on adding a single image for every page we upload as WIP here on talesofmidgard.com and maybe a few more on Patreon.

These mini WIP posts will look something like this:


It’s really similar to the images we posted earlier, however, it’s a single image of a single page. Hope you’ll like these smaller WIP posts!

Have fun reading!

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