Hello Dear Visitor and welcome to talesofmidgard.com!

This brand new website is the home of several fantasy stories. We here, at Tales of Midgard, create comics and short stories, all of which you can read online for free. If you are interested in fantasy comics with a bit of steampunk touch to them, then head over to the comics library to learn more about our comics or immediately begin reading them from the first page. We also have a few short stories up our sleeves, for those who prefer the more verbal art of storytelling.

Right now the time of our first comic update is not certain. We hope to have updates in full chapters, not in single pages. This roughly means 20-21 pages on average per chapter per update. We aim for a schedule of at least one chapter every few weeks.

Every once in awhile we also plan to release new short stories, but  we do not have a regular update plan for that right now. When we know our update dates we’ll keep you updated through our update calendar and through our mailing list.

We really hope you’ll have a good time here with us! See you soon with our first update!

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