Hello Everyone!

We had a few very small changes for the site planned to a while now. The changes we made are the following:

In the footer the date was so far just a constant value. This now has been changed to being a dynamic (self-updating) figure, therefore it now shows the correct year, and in theory when 2018 hits it’ll update automatically.

The store page had a few small modifications. We previously changed the order of items in it so that newer items would come first. Originally the oldest upload was at the beginning of the page while the newest was at the bottom. Having the fresh content up at the top just seems to make more sense, so we changed that. Also, the description on the store page was changed. It now gives more emphasis to the fact, that all the shops you see there are third party shops and are not ran by us. While from a customer standpoint this makes little difference as you get the same items at the same price, we still think that, for clarity’s sake, it’s important to have this noted.

Finally, another point related to the shop: Chapter 4 is available now as a pdf download in the shops. Enjoy the PDFs!

While these updates are small, we hope that you’ll be pleased to hear that chapter 5 is being drawn. The sketches and paneling are what are currently in the focus and some of the speech bubbles are also done. Chapter 5 will be up on 27. January. Have fun reading!