Hi Everyone!

We have a rather significant change planned for the beginning of Book 2: The very first chapter will be uploaded page-by-page starting on 13. May. This means that on every single day, even weekends, we will upload a new page from the 11th chapter.

Chapter 11, titled Amy Odiss, will be altogether 20 pages long, 22 with the book front cover and content page included. On 13. May we’ll upload two pages, the book cover and the content page for the second volume, and after that on 14. May, that is on Sunday, we’ll start uploading the chapter pages in order. This should, on average, be the same tempo as our current updates, just more spread out. As a matter of fact, page 20 (not counting the volume cover and content page) that is the last page of the chapter will be uploaded on 2. June, Friday, which is exactly when the full chapter update would happen with our regular update schedule.

Now, this change is just a test, we haven’t made up our mind on the matter fully. On one hand Tales of Midgard is written in chapters with clear beginnings and ends. It’s a bit of a stretch to say that chapters are self-contained units, but the beginnings and ends of each chapter are quite easy to spot. Based on this a chapter-by-chapter update seems logical, but having to wait three whole weeks for an update can be a pain, that’s why we thought we’d try a different approach for the updates. One way or another you can already see the update plan for chapter 11 in the Update Calendar.

This change will also affect our Patreon a bit. The $1 PDF rewards will be posted regularly as they used to be, but matching the single page updates, every page will be available earlier on Patreon for our Patrons.

Last but not least, as this is only a test, Tapastic will not change for the time being. The update will happen there on 2. June as it would normally, with a full chapter update.

We’re curious about your opinion on this matter! Do you prefer daily updates or less frequent updates with full chapters?

Have fun reading!