As we draw closer to the end of the first book of Tales of Midgard: The Age of Magic it is time to talk about the second book. Book two will be as long as book one was. As a matter of fact, we currently plan every book to be the same length. This means 200 pages of content, in 10 chapters, 1 coverpage for each chapter, a front and a back cover for the book and a content page.

For book 2 specifically we have the following outline for the chapters:

Chapter 11 – Amy Odiss

Chapter 12 – First steps

Chapter 13 – Trip

Chapter 14 – In the forest

Chapter 15 – Lucretia and Nix

Chapter 16 – Minas Fril

Chapter 17 – Arena

Chapter 18 – Locked talent

Chapter 19 – Assault on Eagle Wings

Chapter 20 – The magiknight trainee

Also please don’t forget, we plan to upload chapter 10 on next Friday, that is 05.12. and on the next day, we’ll start the one page a day updates with chapter 11. Hope you look forward to the next book as much as we do!

Have fun reading!