Hello Everybody!

Our comic Tales of Midgard The Age of Magic is now available as a pdf download version on a few webshops. For anyone who wants to support us one time and get something in return or for everyone who needs an offline version of our comic this pdf version is the ideal solution. We’ll be putting up every chapter as a separate file and once we have a full volume, or book if you like that word more, we’ll also be listing these books as well.

A chapter on average contains 21 pages but naturally some chapters are longer while others are shorter. The books however will always contain exactly 10 chapters, which is 200 pages of story and 10 chapter covers. The book versions will also have the content table added at the beginning and the front and back book covers will also be there (same as the web versions, just organized into one file). There will be two differences between the file and web versions: the pdf versions of the full volumes will have page numbers for easier navigation, which will not be present on the web version or the pdf chapter versions. The other difference is that all of the pdf versions will be slightly higher resolution to fit any reader device.

You can access the shops not only through our site, but by their separate sites as well. On our shop page we highlight one shop (that is the best for us), but please use whichever is the best for you.

Now… You might be thinking that this is all good and everything, but these are third party retailers, aren’t they? Yes, they are. Unfortunately due to Hungarian laws it’s not exactly easy for individuals to have their own webshop. It’s not impossible, but there are loads of things you have to do, and the current regulations are rather punishing, even for small mistakes. That being said we felt that third party retailers would be better, because this way we’ll have more time for the comics, and we’ll have a platform readily available for distribution. Basically we hope that these shops will not take a lot of our attention, so we can focus on creating the comics as usual.

With launching our shops the first three chapters of The Age of Magic are now available there. As of now we don’t yet know when the shop pages get the new chapter updates, but it’s likely that either fridays or thursdays will be the days when the new chapters hit the shops.

Hope you also like this new opportunity, and as always, have fun reading!