Hello Everybody!

We more or less finished chapter 2 of our comic. It is not 100% done, we’re still checking our latest chapter for errors and are still correcting them, but the chapter is very close to completion. This also means that we can give a more or less realistic estimation of our update schedule.

Chapter 2, titled Going home, is now basically ready. The art took roughly 136 hours and 30 minutes. Based on this we will try to make an update of a full chapter every three weeks. We also plan on having a few other updates, short stories, wallpapers and so on, however these updates currently have no regularity. We’ll try to incorporate these updates into the Update Calendar, however as of right now we’re still trying to find our own pace. In the long run we hope to have shorter update times, our aim is a chapter every two weeks.

As to how our chapter looks right now, here’s an overview of chapter 2:


Naturally we are still finalizing this chapter, so we have yet to upload these updates. We’re also setting up some additional back end resources, mainly tables that are shared between us, so we’d both know what to do, when to do, where to do, etc…

All in all we hope to start regular updates in about three weeks time. We really really hope to reach this goal, but we’ll see whether we are able to or not.