Hi Everybody!

Today we’re here with a rather big website update. Last year we’ve been working hard on not just creating new pages, but turning the first volume of Tales of Midgard: The Age of Magic into a physical comic that you can hold in your own two hands. We’re really close to accomplishing that goal, as a matter of fact we now only need to get the pages printed, but as we got closer and closer to getting our work printed, we realised that we do not have a platform where we are properly able to distribute the prints. We used to have a few third party webshops where our pdfs were sold, but there were a lot of different problems with them. Long story short, instead of using these third party shops as our main method of distribution we decided to take thing into our hands and create our own webshop.

Today we opened our webshop. At the time of posting this update we have all the currently finished chapters available in pdf format. When you purchase a pdf release of Tales of Midgard you’ll get two files. Both contain the same pages but they are organized differently; One has single pages below each other, while the other contains the pages in pairs, which looks like a regular print comic book just in digital.

Last but not least we’re also planning on reintroducing a lot of our old Patreon rewards, which we discontinued back in 2017. However we won’t just bring old rewards back but add a few totally new ones as well, one being a monthly regular discount coupon for our webshop. We’re not entirely sure when the Patreon update hits, but it’s bound to come in the next couple of months.

Hope you’re all glad to hear these bits. Have fun reading!