Our Patreon is now online!

Hi there Everyone!

After doing a bit of research and getting our own stuff to show ready, we finally launched our Patreon account. Feel free to support us and get awesome rewards in return!

A brief summary of what Patreon is in two sentences (from Patreon’s support page):

  • For patrons, Patreon is a way to join your favorite creator’s community and pay them for making the stuff you love.
  • For creators, Patreon is a way to get paid for creating the things you’re already creating (webcomics, videos, songs, whatevs).

Also bear in mind, that our content is free and is going to stay free. What we provide here as rewards are extra material that would normally not hit the site, such as an expanded amount of work in progress material, or that is the actual content but in different formats like downloadable PDF files, or in some cases earlier releases of our otherwise free work. We sincerely hope you’ll like the way our Patreon is set up.

This update also means that the placeholders that were already there everywhere on our site are now also working links to our Patreon page, for easier accessibility.

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