Hi Everyone!

It’s time to talk Patreon. Back in 2017 we used to have a detailed Patreon with lots of different rewards. Unfortunately due to life being life we had to cancel a lot of this. We’ve come a long way since and after a lot of work we can finally reboot and refresh our old Patreon tiers. This means that starting today we have the following Patreon reward tiers:

You’ll get a free pdf copy of the latest chapter of Tales of Midgard – The Age of Magic ahead of the web publications. This can be especially useful if you want to enjoy our comics offline. You’ll also get the latest pages and our YouTube videos a bit earlier. You’ll also be listed on our Supporter Page on our website (with a link to your site if you want).

You’ll get access to our Patreon exclusive sketches. These sketches are about illustrations, character designs and concepts, bonus images.
Feel free to suggest any topic you’d like to see sketched. You’ll also get a monthly 10% off coupon for our webshop.
Plus you’ll get everything else above.

You’ll get Work in Progress images about the weekly pages. This means sketches for the pages, lineart and color WIPs.
Plus you’ll get everything else above.

Once a month we’ll create a wallpaper in different resolutions. You’ll get these wallpapers here first hand!
Plus you’ll get everything else above.

You’ll get to view a monthly live stream, where you can see how the pages are made, ask anything you want.
You’ll also get the
Clip Studio files for the chapters (and Photoshop versions as well),
so you can check the more technical parts of Tales of Midgard out as well.
Plus you’ll get everything else above.

You’re the ultimate supporter! Thank you for your generosity!
Have your name shown below every comic page on our website.
Plus you’ll get everything else above.

Now… You might be wondering when and how all these rewards arrive within each month. For this there’s also a table showcasing our plans to post the monthly rewards:

Patreon schedule

We really hope you’re as excited about these updates as we are. Have fun reading!