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Tales of Midgard is free and we plan on keeping it that way. Producing, maintaining, hosting and distributing content, however, is unfortunately not free, so in order to continue making our content, and to make ends meet, we need to have some form of revenue. There are loads of ways to support us, some of which don’t even cost any money. This page contains all the ways in which you can support us!

Buy our comics

Our comics are available on our own webshop. You can boy our comics as downloadable pdf files. These files are slightly higher resolution than the web versions, so they should look fine on any device. If you want to support us or need an offline version of our work, these pdf files are the way to go.

Direct donations via PayPal

An easy way of supporting the creation of Tales of Midgard is by direct donations. For this, we have a PayPal account, where you can donate money directly to us. Naturally, every bit helps, but please only donate (in any way, not just on PayPal) if you can afford it, if however you do decide to support us via PayPal please also consider the flat fees that PayPal subtracts from any transaction.

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Patreon is a service specialized in supporting regular content creators. If you want to help us out every month our Patreon is just the right place for doing that. What’s more, you can get a few really cool extras for your Patreon pledges. Our Patreon tiers are the following:

You’ll get a free pdf copy of the latest chapter of Tales of Midgard – The Age of Magic ahead of the web publications. This can be especially useful if you want to enjoy our comics offline. You’ll also get the latest pages and our YouTube videos a bit earlier. You’ll also be listed on our Supporter Page on our website (with a link to your site if you want).

You’ll get access to our Patreon exclusive sketches. These sketches are about illustrations, character designs and concepts, bonus images.
Feel free to suggest any topic you’d like to see sketched. You’ll also get a monthly 10% off coupon for our webshop.
Plus you’ll get everything else above.

You’ll get Work in Progress images about the weekly pages. This means sketches for the pages, lineart and color WIPs.
Plus you’ll get everything else above.

Once a month we’ll create a wallpaper in different resolutions. You’ll get these wallpapers here first hand!
Plus you’ll get everything else above.

You’ll get to view a monthly live stream, where you can see how the pages are made, ask anything you want.
You’ll also get the
Clip Studio files for the chapters (and Photoshop versions as well),
so you can check the more technical parts of Tales of Midgard out as well.
Plus you’ll get everything else above.

You’re the ultimate supporter! Thank you for your generosity!
Have your name shown below every comic page on our website.
Plus you’ll get everything else above.

Read our comics on Mirror Sites

Our comics are not just available here on our website, but on Tapastic and Global Comix as well. Reading our work there is also free. If you prefer reading comics on these sites, go ahead and check Tales of Midgard out here as well!

Spread the word

This might sound a bit out of place here, but the more people know of Tales of Midgard the better. A simple tweet, like or share helps a lot when it comes to making our stuff known. We are very thankful to everyone who talks about our work.

Vote for Tales of Midgard

Tales of Midgard is on a lot of webcomic lists, the most prominent being Top Web Comics. A simple vote on our comic there every once in a while helps a great deal. If you’re really enthusiastic about voting here, then you could do it as often as once every 24 hours. Tales of Midgard is also available on The Webcomic List, which works similarly to Top Web Comics, so if you’re really into voting you can vote here as well. For this, use this button:

The Webcomic List

Tales of Midgard: The First Magiknight, which is currently on hold, also has a separate vote page on Top Web Comics. Save

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More or less nobody really likes ads, but at the end of the day, they help to keep things afloat. If you are using an adblocker you are most probably using it for a reason, and it is absolutely understandable that you do so. Ads, however, do provide us some revenue, so if you want to support us, you could consider turning your adblocker off or whitelisting There are a few good articles on whitelisting on Adblock and whitelisting on AdBlock Plus. If you don’t want to do so that’s absolutely up to you. In the end, the choice is absolutely yours.

Advertise on our site

Last, but by no means least, if you are one of the few people who work with ads you could also consider advertising on For more information on our ads please visit the advertise with us page.