Hi Everybody!

Similarly to most of the websites available online we’re also affected by GDPR. There have been some changes in the handling, collection, and retention of data on our site. The first and most noticeable is the change in our Privacy Policy. Compared to the previous one, we now have a much more detailed policy on how and what data we and third parties on talesofmidgard.com collect, how this data gets managed, and how long it’s stored. If you are even a bit curious about how we deal with data do read the Privacy Policy.

Asides the policy there are also a few changes on a few pages of talesofmidgard.com. On our Contact Page, when you use the contact form you now have to check in an additional box about data handling. A similar change happened to our Newsletter. We send out notification emails when a chapter is fully done, and we also keep the right to send other promotional material there, although to be fair so far we only sent out chapter notifications and that is not likely to change in the future (but we are considering sending a single email once the first prints are done, but that’s a totally different topic). It’s also worth mentioning that we’re running a WordPress website and WordPress as a content management system does not collect any data, however, some data is being collected in relation to the comments that you leave on talesofmidgard.com.

We also have sitewide analytics running. This is provided by Google via Google Analytics. This has been on our site for quite a long time now and has always been reflected in our Privacy Policy. The change here is in the retention period for user data, which is now a set period of 26 months. Asides analytics Google also provides the ads on talesofmidgard.com via Google AdSense. All advertising related information is available in our Privacy Policy.

To see a full list of third parties that collect and/or handle any data related to the usage of talesofmidgard.com please check our Privacy Policy.

Speaking of third parties… You can temporarily not buy the comic pdf files from our Shop page, but they are still available on the third party vendors.

Please note: The description above might not be fully detailed. If you have any questions or are curious about how data related matters are done send us a word or check out our Privacy Policy. Have fun reading!