We made changes to the comic pages and to the news pages as well. We’ll go through all of the changes for both sections here:

First and foremost: More meta-information on news entries and comic posts. This allows you to see when a post was made, who made it, the number of comments on each entry and in case of new entries the category for each entry. Some of these data pieces are intractable. Clicking the author will give you a feed of the news posts made by the user (so either Liz or me). Clicking the comments will scroll down to the comments section at the bottom of the page. In case of the news entries, clicking the category will give a newsfeed of the news entries in that specific news category. The meta-information is displayed at the end of the post in news entries and below the transcripts in comic posts.

The comics pages also have a change related to the navigation bar on the pages. Previously the comic navigation bar was only available below the actual comic pages, so the layout of each page started like this: Page Title, Comic Image, Navigation Bar. Now we also inserted another navigation bar just above the comic image. We hope to make browsing our comics better this way. This new navigation bar works exactly the same as the original below, so the next button brings you to the next page, the previous button brings you to the previous page, the latest button brings you to the newest page and so on. The keyboard shortcuts also work as they did before, so the right arrow key brings you to the next page and the left arrow key loads the previous page.

Last but not least there is now another adbox in the comic pages between the comic image and the bottom navigation bar. The position of this adbox is not certain yet, it might end up between the bottom navigation bar and the transcript section.

We hope you’ll find these updates useful. Have fun reading!