Update to the comic specials


Throughout the last months we had a few holidays and we made comic specials for three of these holidays. These holidays were the following: Christmas – 2016, Valentine’s Day – 2017, Easter – 2017.

Each holiday special was posted as a separate news entry in our news section. This is all well this way, however, there was no one place to view all holiday specials we made earlier and if you were interested in them you had to look them up from the news feed, which was a chore, so we decided to make a separate entry for all of the holiday specials in our comic reader. You can now read the Christmas, Valentine’s Day and the Easter special in one place.

Please note that the currently latest special, which is the Easter special, will not lead to the actual comic chapters by the “next” button, or by clicking the image. You can navigate from the specials to the comic (or from the comic to the specials) by clicking the “Select Chapter” dropdown menu and there either selecting the comic or the holiday specials.

Have fun reading!

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