Most of our time goes into doing the comic pages and finishing the back end site optimization for faster load speeds, however now we’re here with a bit different piece of news. We brushed up our social media sites! Most of our social media pages were registered and somewhat filled with content years ago when we originally wanted to start publishing our comic. Unfortunately due to some unforseen circumstances we could not actually launch our comic back then. More recently we did launch our website and comic, but so far we didn’t really have time to get our social media sites up to date as well.

We are available on the following platforms:






Liz also wants to do some work in progress videos, so if we ever get down to actually making those as well, we’ll also need some form of video sharing. This’ll most likely be a Youtube account, but this is still just a plan for the future on our side.

Also not exactly a social media related thing, but still an update: We now have an RSS feed for the comic pages. You can visit this feed here:


Hope you like how our work progresses. Have fun reading!