We don’t often make updates to the site, but when we do there’s always something we consider important and while we’re at it, we also put a notice about the less important bits in the update posts as well. This update also has one important core component and a few less prominent changes as well.

First and foremost we felt that the About Us pages weren’t exactly the best, but we didn’t want to add more text there, so we decided to tell you about ourselves in a bit more compact manner. We made a few lists of our favorites in the following topics: Comic, Comic Artist, Movie, Actor, Book, Song, Video Game. These mini top 3 lists are available on Liz’s page as well as Attila’s page in the About Us section. We hope you’ll find these bits interesting.

We also made a change in the short story pages. There’s a new ad box just below the navigation buttons. Since we added some new ads to the site we also updated the Advertise with Us page.

Last but not least we’re working on the Comics Library page, tho no changes have been made there yet. We plan on having a section for the special mini comics. If everything goes well we’ll be able to update the comics library page in the near future. Have fun reading!