Hi Everybody!

Today we made a few changes to the site. Nothing major, but we just thought we’d share the updates with you as soon as they are up.

First of all, we updated the Comics Library and the Home page. The latest chapter link now links to the first page of the second book on both pages. We also updated the number of pages in Tales of Midgard: The Age of Magic on the Comic Library page. While the chapter is not fully up, counting the book front cover and contents page we’re roughly halfway through chapter 11, thus the update on the Comic Library and Home pages.

The sidebars were also changed slightly. The Buttons, Ads, Calendar are a bit closer to each other. This change affects every element here.

We also updated the ads in the right sidebar. The bottom banner is a new banner, although you should not see greatly different ads there.

Last but not least we made a very small change in the text below every comic page.

Hope you like these changes. Have fun reading!