Website updates: 8. September 2017

Hi Everyone!

The production of Tales of Midgard comics, unfortunately, slowed down quite a lot recently as Liz kinda doesn’t have enough time on her hands because of other work, but we still have two minor updates to the site.

For a long while now we were planning to add a separate section for our Holiday Specials in the Comics Library. While every special was available from a separate news post or from the comic reader, there was no central gateway for the specials. This is now fixed as we added a section for them to the bottom of the Comics Library page.

The other update is, that the “advertisement” titles that were above the ads are mostly gone. We originally thought that this added more clarity to the site, but in the end, it just added a lot of empty white space, so we decided to remove these titles. On some comic pages this is still being worked on, but we should be done with it in a few days time.

As for the comic pages. They will come eventually, and we’ll try to set up a new schedule that we can follow, but for now please be patient. We’re working on them, but most likely The First Magiknight will go on an indefinite hiatus. The pages that are currently up will stay up. Have fun reading!

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