Hi Everybody!

Chapter 3, titled Drakes’ Isle, is progressing rather well. Although there’s still a lot of work to be done, we’d like to share a few images about how we’re doing so far. It may look like the chapter is almost finished, and that is partially true since the art is almost ready, but all of the mistake hunting and correcting still needs to happen, plus creating the web versions, transcripts and of course the actual uploads are still due. One way or another, we’re progressing well. Slight warning of spoilers as the comic is a bit further done now as it was in the last work in progress blogpost. Be sure to catch the update on 16. December, and as always have fun reading!

PS.: It’s not certain yet, but the Tapastic updates will most probably be on the same days as the regular updates here on talesofmidgard.com.