Hello Everyone!

We are currently working on Chapter 6: Decision. For now, we took a somewhat different approach from our regular workflow, which was paneling first, followed by the placement of texts and speech bubbles, into sketches, line art and finally color. We did (more or less) every step for every page previously before doing the next part of the workflow. Of course, there were occasions when parts were left out for one reason or another, but this worked as a general rule, however now we’re trying something different.

Instead of piling the steps where all of the paneling on every page was done, followed by all of the speech bubbles, all of the sketches on all of the pages and so on, we’re now trying an approach of finishing individual pages at a time. We still do the paneling and bubbles first, but the rest is done on a page by page basis. Hopefully, this method will work and we’ll get the chapter out on time on 17.  February. So far we’re at pace for meeting the deadline just fine. We also hope that this method will be more productive and time efficient, but we’ll have to see that once the chapter is done.

As always we also have a few images of the chapter that’s being drawn right now. Have fun reading!